Our IT Staffing Consultants focus on matching your HR needs with the correct IT consultant. Our strategies are based on a mix of traditional and modern methods and, most importantly, designed to be tailored according to individual needs. Our success is guaranteed by the experience, quality and responsibility of our consultants.

We are specialized in bringing the individual IT expert's skills and talents to the surface and in assisting companies and organizations in recruiting professionals for short-term or permantent contracts. These professionals qualify if their values match their employers' business and if they dedicate themselves to your success.


We believe in a world where “job” does not exist as everyone is following their passion expressing their talents in their “career”. A reality where nobody has “employees” but dedicated collaborators whose values and attitude are naturally in line with the company’s philosophy. To contribute to this paradigm shift, we offer the following HR services for both companies and candidates:Recruitment

  • For Companies: Finding and retaining the correct IT experts can be a challenging task that increases with the level and experience of the executive. We assist you in identifying your exact needs in terms of profile and time period and finding a suitable IT candidate that will bring the best results to your company. We either take care of the recruitment only or accompany the candidate during their entire project with you.
  • HR Consulting for Universities: Through our close collaboration with companies and contact with candidates, we can assist universities and other educational institutions in remaining close to the job market. To prepare their future alumni for the real world, we assist with a wide range of services including career seminars, CV and cover letter writing as well as mock-up interviews.
  • Career Coaching: A series of personalized exercises assist the candidate in a three-week program to identify their ideal profession, analyze and improve their existing application material (cover letter, CV), identify any areas where training or education need to be improved and be successful in their next step including access to universities and getting into the suitable company. Our experience shows that candidates know what they want and what to do but they need assistance in translating this into precise daily actions.

We deliver:
  • Pre-selection and interview process of IT professionals for the announced position
  • Proposals of resumes and letters of motivation for specific positions, accurately answering to the needs of the position
  • Positioning of the IT professional in few days
  • Programming Languages (Java, J2EE, .NET, etc.)
  • Web technologies (PHP, Drupal, Wordpress, etc.)
  • Database (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, etc.)
  • ERP systems (SAP, Peoplesoft, etc.)
We are ready and next to you to assist you in finding your next IT expert.

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